Sunday, March 22, 2009

Now...this is scary!

Many years ago, in 1980, I attended Wittenberg University for a year. During that brief time , I made a few good friends that I recently reconnected with via Facebook. My old friend John found this god-awful photo from our freshman year.
Yes, that is me with fellow guitar player, now famous chef, Adam Votaw.
The guitar I am playing was given to me by my brother, Rusty...who is now a well respected musician in Charlottesville, VA.
I think the glasses and hair speak for themselves.
OUCH! It's amazing I ever got married and had children

Friday, March 06, 2009

Help for the IT!

(No, that is NOT me!) Relief has arrived, and it comes in the form of a simple, solid foam roll! Maura surprised me with one of these devices for our anniversary last week and it REALLY works. After trying to manage tight a IT band for months, just a few minutes of concentrated rolling across the outside of the leg not only eased the tightness, but also helped to relieve pain in my hips. It does hurt a little bit in the beginning, but the more I do it, the better it feels.
And the mileage is finally on the rise in preparation for the Flying Pig in early May. Keeping the fingers crossed for this one. If I can stay health, my goal is to break 3:45.

More news: At the suggestion of a friend, I searched Ebay and found a really cool vintage Bear Bow from the early 1960s. I grew up shooting the Bear brand bow, so it's going to be cool to get this one up and running. I have a new string, just need to get some arrows and other gear, then we are in business! The only real problem is the draw weight...50lbs of pull to achieve a full draw. I tried it last night and it's going to be quite an achievement to get used to shooting this monster.