Friday, March 06, 2009

Help for the IT!

(No, that is NOT me!) Relief has arrived, and it comes in the form of a simple, solid foam roll! Maura surprised me with one of these devices for our anniversary last week and it REALLY works. After trying to manage tight a IT band for months, just a few minutes of concentrated rolling across the outside of the leg not only eased the tightness, but also helped to relieve pain in my hips. It does hurt a little bit in the beginning, but the more I do it, the better it feels.
And the mileage is finally on the rise in preparation for the Flying Pig in early May. Keeping the fingers crossed for this one. If I can stay health, my goal is to break 3:45.

More news: At the suggestion of a friend, I searched Ebay and found a really cool vintage Bear Bow from the early 1960s. I grew up shooting the Bear brand bow, so it's going to be cool to get this one up and running. I have a new string, just need to get some arrows and other gear, then we are in business! The only real problem is the draw weight...50lbs of pull to achieve a full draw. I tried it last night and it's going to be quite an achievement to get used to shooting this monster.


Sophie Speidel said...


How's the marathon training coming along? And when is your next ultra?

Andrew Speidel said...

Hey Sophie...
It has been better. Seems like after every long run, I get flu-like symptoms that last for about 2 days. Probably a nutrition thing...I've seen several posts online about this issue, so, I just need to remind myself to rehydrate and get some good food in my system and keep plugging away. Hopefully, I will find my balance someday :o(
But thanks for asking!