Thursday, September 10, 2009

FItness & Volyball Updates

Still undefeated, Ursuline freshman continue to dominate the Cincinnati volleyball courts. Hanley, number 8, is doing well so far, usually starting as the Right Hitter. This is a very competitive program, so she is going to have to stay focused and give it 100% every time.

Greta's team also continued undefeated. She plays the entire rotation and has a very good serve. Her future looks very encouraging! I don't have their team photo yet, but will post when I get it.

Meanwhile, my running is getting off to a slow start. I think I started too early after my knee injury (while tiling the bathroom. Huh?). I took about 2 weeks off, focusing on swimming and some cycling, but went for a run today and the pain resurfaced after about 2 easy miles. It's probably time to see the Orthopedic doc to get some diagnosis and PT.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Volleyball Update of tonight, both of the girl's teams are UNDEFEATED!
And that is all I need to say.

Oh, and my stupid knee still is in pain. No running for over a week, but still keeping up with swimming and biking.