Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dirt Days Trail Series-Race 2

Mt. Airy Forest was host to my second trail race in a four-race series, and it was a great one at that! Despite feeling awful in the morning from allergies, I forced myself to load up the car and head on out for the 9 AM start.

The weather was crisp and clear, perfect for a 10.1 mile, 2-loop run, and after a minute or two in the woods, I was feeling strong and remained that way for the 1:34 duration. The trails were in great shape with only a couple of sloppy spots from rains earlier in the week. The first loop got a little crowded, but it forced me to run conservatively early on, and once the groups thinned out on loop two, I felt strong enough to cut loose. I was running in my old Montrail Hurricane Ridge shoes which felt a little heavy, but the traction was very good; no major slips or spills!

Next race is a short one at French Park, but there are creeks involved!


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