Saturday, May 08, 2010

Knees Suck; But I Need Them!

Ok, so see how my wife is sitting? See how how my daughter Greta is sitting? Their knees are bent and they look so comfortable. The dogs don't care...but I cringe! My knees are killing me right now, perhaps it's because I pushed too hard at the pig? Didn't stretch enough? Right knee has bursitis (I think). Painful. Can't walk right...stairs suck, etc. I'm thinkin' it's time to visit the Doc.

So, what to do? I went for a good swim today, hacked out some honeysuckle from our yard, and iced the knee. I am hoping all is OK for next weeks Mt. Airy trail run. This is such a fun event, and to those that read this, be there! It's a one (5.3 mi), or two loop (10.5 mi) event that really goes deep into the heart of the Mt. Airy trails. It's also a great introduction to the Stone Steps 50K and 27K (New this year) held in October.

Getting old? I'm not ready for that yet.


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