Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Good Thing Come To Those...

...who wait for homegrown tomatoes!
After fueling the soil with plenty of veggie and fruit table scraps, old mulch and worm-infested soil, we put our 'mater plants(4) in this pot just after Mother's Day, and they are lookin' great! The largest fruits are about 2" in diameter so far. Probably late July before the first harvest.

Running-wise, I've had some great weeks, but I have developed Runner's Knee over those weeks. The tendon above the knee cap gets swollen and stiff, and like all injuries, seems to drag on and on. I've also developed some left shoulder pain as well, which has reduced my swimming regimen. So...I'm just trying to ease back into the workout routine, but added more ice and ibuprofin into the mix.

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