Friday, January 13, 2006

Week 1 is over!

Working full time and going to night school 3 evenings a week is not only torturous, but is alienating me from my family. The dog now thinks I'm an intruder! Fortunately, this is going to change...

Just as I suspected...the photography class was WAY TOO BASIC. I knew I was gong to have a problem when the instructor began pointing out the various components of the camera. I am absolutly certain boredom would have prompted me to do something drastic like stand up and scream, “It’s a freaking lens, for God’s sake! Holy crap...let's move on!” So, taking the advice of others, I dropped Ultra-Basic Photography (2 days a week) and enrolled in a class that will provide a lifetime benefit, Advanced College Writing. This ain't going to come easy, but it will certianly keep me from going nuts! Best of all, it's only once a week!

Life just keeps gettin’ better, eh?

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