Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

Alas, after many years of no blooms, the pink dogwood has managed to produce. This tree is 1 of 3 that managed to survive. The white one just to the left of this is just about ready to explode with blossoms. Photo to follow!
And speaking of pink, I think I am ready for the Flying Pig Marathon next weekend. I failed my sister-in-law, Sophie's advice to get in another 20 miler, but I did manage 13 last week. With the crowds and other runners as motivation, I am hoping for a decent race. The 13 miler was not without pain, however. My feet were pretty sore following that run. I picked up some new Asics road shoes yesterday, and that is going to help!
If all goes well on May 4, then perhaps the Highlands Sky ultra in early June will be my first! Later!


Sophie Speidel said...

OK Broheme,

So you didn't take my advice. You will probably be OK if it's mot too hot. Then afterwards let's talk seriously about your training for Highlands Sky. You will need to get in at least a 50K on trails and with big climbs, to survive that one. Let's talk!

Andrew Speidel said...

Weather is supposed to be in the 40-60 degree range...I'm going to take it nice and easy. The past week+ my legs have been really sluggish, but I have been carbo-loading the past 4 days, and today I feel OK. At this point, I know it's a mental game, but once I get among the other runners, should be good to go!
Sophie, your blog is an inspiration to me, and I read it all the time. I truly appreciate your comments!