Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Flying Pig is near...

I've paid my I have to perform. Ack! I went for a 17 miler today, with the intention of doing a 20 miler. My mind said 20 but there were two appendages that said, "no way!" at 17. In spite of the missing three miles, I feel confident that I'll be able to work through the 26.2 without too much discomfort. I am now beginning the tapering process and am looking forward to a good race; I would love to come in under 4 hours.
Maura is also participating in this year's event. She will be walking the half-marathon, with her friend Mei Mei, for the first time.
Pigs fly!!
Ta ta!


Sophie Speidel said...


Since the Pig is May 3, you still have time for one more 20+ miler and I would say do it!. Next weeekend (April 12) should be your last long run weekend if you can get it in. It will pay off! Promise!

Have a great race and be sure to write a full report!


Andrew Speidel said...

Thanks Sista-Soph! (Hey, I made that up myself)
I will take your advice to heart. I have to admit, that long one hurt. Must be a Speidel flat-foot curse.