Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Official Trail Race!

The shoes say it all! Well, it wasn't an ultra, but I went on my first trail race on Sunday, and I have to admit, that was the most invigorating run I have been on in quite some time. T-Shirt courtesy of my bro and sis-in-law.
The race was a short 5.5 miler through the beautiful and rugged trails of Mt. Airy forest on the west side of Cincinnati. What I really enjoyed was the focus I had to maintain throughout the run. It kept my mind off the distance and time, and more on the technical aspects, such as the roots and rocks. And that was good, since I spent the previous night at a graduation pary for my friends daughter. Too much "carbo loading," if you know what I mean.
I felt totally in the element, and that was a great feeling. This race was part of a trail run series put on by our local running store, Ronckers Running Spot.
The trail was mostly single-track, which made it difficult to pass others, so time-wise, I had to maintain an 8:50 pace or so. The winner completed in just over 6:00/mile! Egad!

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Sophie Speidel said...

Broheme...glad to hear you ahd a great trail race...does this mean you are running Highland Sky? Hmmm?
Nice shirt!!!