Friday, May 02, 2008

Some Wacky Runner Observations

As I prep for the pig, there have been some funny things that I have noticed about my habits that I am sure many others have experienced:
1. Tops of Gel packets are littered about my house and car
2. The smell of sweaty running clothes doesn't bother me as much.
3. If my water bottle doesn't have a colored fluid in it, something isn't right.
4. Socks have taken on a new importance in my daily routine.
5. If I forget to wear my running watch, it's a bad day.
6. Polyester has become a favorite fabric...ouch!
7. I know what NUUN is!
8. I find myself stretching all the time.
9. Searching for running videos on YouTube has become a habit.

There are more, I'm sure! Add yours!

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