Saturday, August 09, 2008

Newtown 5K

Finally...after all my years living in Anderson Township, I ran the Newtown 5K. What the hell took so long? I have no idea. But this morning was a beautiful day and I woke up inspired. And with little time to spare, I threw on my running gear, grabbed a $20 from the petty cash jar and high-tailed it down the street to register, and I am so glad I did.

My race report: Fast course. After registering, I had about 30 minutes to warm up among the 600+ other participants. Walking around the starting area, I started to feel really old, as I realized most of the participants were middle and high-school cross-country runners putting in some needed speed work for the up-coming season. I was fine with that..
I felt pretty good gearing up for the start. After the gun, we made our way. Less than 7 minutes later, I heard the 1 mile volunteer blurt out, "6:50."
Now, I usually don't take off this fast, but this was great. "Was that the FIRST mile?" I asked the old man running next to me.

OK, so the first mile is basically down hill, but it was great inspiration to keep it going strong. I finished just a tad over 22 minutes and was very pleased with the results...8min/mile is my usual standard!

Ok then...TTFN

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