Sunday, September 21, 2008

How's My Training Going?

Well, I'll tell you...
I have had a few good weekends, putting in a 14 and 12 miler in over the previous two weeks. But I have a nagging pain that just doesn't seem to get better. It's right at the top of my femur...a sharp pain that kind of wraps around my butt! After about 10 miles, my legs start to go almost numb and I just shut down and start walking. Sciatic nerve, perhaps? This has put a major cramp in my training for the Stone Steps 50K. My hope was to do a 17-20 miler today, but soreness and heat pretty much screwed that up; I managed 7 miles; and with the race in mid October, I may have missed my window for getting in a quality long run before the taper.
Speaking of Stone Steps, turns out Hurricane Ike, which paid us a visit last Sunday, really tore up the course. According to one runner who checked it out, the trail is littered with fallen trees and limbs. I guess it is up to the Cincinnati Park Board to take care of this.
Anyway, I will push on and probably still give it a go. I always seem to find added stamina when I'm running with others.

See you next time!

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Sophie Speidel said...


Your 6 miler in Evanston sounds great---that is, if you aren't injured. I would sit your butt on a tennis ball and get the junk out...could be sciatica or piriformis syndrome. Google your symptoms and get ice on it asap!

See you Saturday!