Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lost Yet Another Friend...and Uncle

These "Lost Another Friend" posts are getting old and I don't like them. But, unfortunately I regret to say that my Uncle Dick passed away this morning around 7:00am from complications from cancer. He had been fighting this awful disease for quite a while and it finally got the best of him while vacationing in Cedarville, MI.

Surrounded by son, daughter and friends, he passed peacefully in his beloved vacation home on LaSalle in the Les Cheneaux islands. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

Ironically, this photo was taken at the memorial gathering for his wife Liz, who also passed away from cancer. But finally, they are together once again, enjoying peace and love in heaven.

It's not fair, and while I dread these posts, but I don't want to forget the people that have touched my life.



Sophie Speidel said...

The world has lost a good man. He was such a sweet guy, and I am glad he is with Liz now---I know he missed her terribly.

See you at the memorial...we can toast to Dick and Liz and to your next adventure, too.


Andrew Speidel said...

Thanks Sophie. I appreciate the comment :o)

Sophie Speidel said...

Wanna go for a run while in Chicago? Saturday afternoon? I will be tapering so i am thinking 5 miles max, nice and easy.

Andrew Speidel said...

Perfect...I am not that familiar with the Evanston area, but it would be cool to run along the lake!