Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stone Steps...this Sunday

Aaaaagh...I have just sent in my registration. I am hoping that I have trained enough, despite the sore left leg issues. The course shown at left (click to enlarge), is a series of loops: 4 large loops (5.3 miles) and three small loops (about 3.5 miles). The weather is supposed to be great...cool in the AM and warming up to the 70s by noon.
I have been trying to follow Sophie's fueling, stretching and icing advice for the past week, but I'm still sore. I am hoping the adrenaline and other runners will smooth things out and make for a great adventure in downtown Cincinnati!


Sophie Speidel said...

Good luck, Bro! Listen to your body and drop if you start limping in ANY way. Remember, DNF means "Did Nothing Fatal" and you don't want to be out of commission all summer.

Have fun! I expect a full report!

Andrew Speidel said...

Thanks Sophie!
I have been taking it very easy this week. A little swimming, stretching and eating well!