Tuesday, October 07, 2008

StoneSteps 50K Training Update

Given that Mt. Airy Forest in right next door to downtown Cincinnati, it is a beautiful park and a surprisingly great place for an ultra-marathon...the Stone Steps 50K. I went for a long training run on Saturday, about 16 miles, and the trails are totally clear of debris from Hurricane Ike. Unfortunately, my hamstring and IT issues have resurfaced. I am stretching like crazy and hoping that plenty of rest and rehab will make the Stone Steps a reality. With just under 2 weeks to go, I am going to wait until race day to register. So for now, I'm going one day at a time. This afternoon, I struggled through about 1.5 miles with discomfort.
Frustrating indeed.


Sophie Speidel said...


Give this a try:

Take 2-3 Aleve, 2x day;

ICE ICE ICE the IT band and hamstring areas for 20 minutes, 3-4x day;

Stretch ITB, Hams, hip flexors, 3-4x day

Go see an ortho/sports med doc who can at least tape your kneecap to stay in the groove (the IT Band is pulling the knee outof the groove, thus pain).

My friend Jenny Anderson had this three weeks before Gstone---she also did acupuncture and it really worked. She ended up dropping but not b/c of her knee (it was her stomach). She had her knee taped and it really helped.

Good luck!

Andrew Speidel said...

Thanks Sophie,
We will give it a go!
Can't wait to see photos of the Grindstone!

Anonymous said...

Andy it's Cully How ya doing. In your Blog Your looking Great.
www.cullys.de or www.western-training.com , Man I cant wait to hear for you.