Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dogwood's aBloomin'

We've had a devil of a time with our Dogwood trees over the years, but this Spring we had a nice set of blooms on our pink one. It's not a big tree, but sure is purty! My goal is to take the 4 yards of mulch we received today and make the rest of the yard a little purtier!

Went for a short 1000 yd swim this morning, but felt a little sluggish today; I think it was because it was so nice outside, and I was inside!



Judi said...

hey - thanks for your comment. i think we met at that 50k a while back, at mt. airy? did my bullie boy go after your chessie?

Andrew Speidel said...

Yeah, that was me. Our chessie is just a crotchety old man.