Monday, May 03, 2010

Nuthin' Like 10,000+ Wet, Soggy Pigs!

The Sunday morning 6:00 am weather forecast was for a 100% chance of rain, and they were right. Ten hours after this photo was taken, this dry, pristine shirt and shoes were subjected to a heavy, drenching rainfall, thunder, and a few bolts of lightning thrown in for drama.

The 6:30 start was no different. Even though we were all trying to avoid puddles to keep our feet as dry as possible, it was futile, yet despite the rain, thousands of plastic bag-covered runners, the largest field ever, braved the elements and took off for the hills of Kentucky and Cincinnati for the 11th annual Flying Pig Marathon. Fortunately, the temperatures were in the upper 60's, so even though we were all soaked to the core, it wasn't that bad.

I felt great the entire 1/2 marathon distance and was hoping for a 1:30 finish, but the crowd was too large to really push my pace; of course the hills were also a major factor. But, once I tackled all of the hills at the 8 mile point, I felt strong enough to maintain 7-7:30 pace for the remaining 5 miles for a 1:46 finish.

Good race, not too cold, happy with the result!



Judi said...

nice job. sucky conditions all weekend made for some sucky events.

Andrew Speidel said...

Thanks for the comment, Judi! It's good to have some followers out there.