Monday, July 19, 2010

Running Back on Track

On Sunday, I was fortunate to participate in the East Fork trail run with some of the other Echo Running Club folks. My race was a 5.6 mile loop through some beautiful trails, which certainly rival Mt. Airy as far as terrain goes. Being on the mend from a tendon injury, I opted for the single lap race vs. the 10.5 mile double.

Weather was hot and very humid for my 9:25 start time, but once I warmed up to the race, things felt pretty good though still a little testy in the ankle. The heat definitely took its toll on my speed, but I was happy just finishing with a respectable 49:50 without any discomfort.

Brian Nash, 3rd from left and the ECHO organizer, did the ten mile run after surgery in March to repair a faulty heart valve...good to have him back on the road. He's a great ambassador for the Cincinnati running community.

Feeling good the day after, I ran 3.5 the next day with no ankle issues....

I'm a happy boy!


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