Monday, March 29, 2010

Heart Mini Turns Out Great!

Well, I was not in this lead pack, but I sure felt strong the entire way!

I woke up Sunday morning and poked my head out the front door to check the weather. The forecast called for rain all day but it didn't happen. So, instead of heading back to bed, I dressed in my running gear and headed for the kitchen. I grabbed a power bar, a bottle of water and headed downtown for the 8am start. A light drizzle blanketed my car as I made my way along the river to Fountain Square...was there more rain to follow?

7:45...the rain was gone and all 3,500 of us made our way to the start. It was cool and breezy, but dry! 15 minutes went fast and we were off on our 15k (9.35mi) trek down Columbia Parkway.

Temperature was a perfect 45-50 degrees and I felt strong the entire way, but I held back at the beginning because I knew some long, gradual hills were in my future. It paid off in the end. I kept an average 7:30 pace the entire way for a 1:10 finish and was very pleased with the result, coming in 36th out of 202 in my age group and 350th overall; top 10%! Not bad for 47!


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