Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Runnin' on the River

Spring is almost here, and with all of the rain we have had the Ohio River is on the rise in Cincinnati! We are at flood stage in the Queen City, so I thought it might be cool to take a camera with me on my 5 mile lunch-time jog across the Cincinnati bridges. As you can see, there ain't much room left on the banks. Anyway, I had a great afternoon trek and look forward to the rest of the weeks' mild weather.

Training-wise, I'm probably going to run the Heart Mini-marathon later this month, a deceptively difficult 9 miler along Columbia parkway. This should ease me into the Flying Pig Half in early May. My long distance runs have become just too damn painful to continue training for the full marathon. I'm cool with that.

Time for taxes...ack!


Amanda said...

um...i'm glad there's a flood wall on the KY side of the river.

I'm hoping for the Heart mini too. don't you just hate going up torrence at the end there???

Andrew Speidel said...

Torrence is my favorite part! I love watching the faces going up as I'm heading back down.
See you out there...